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If you've been coming to worship for a while, and have a desire to grow deeper in your faith, we invite you to attend one of these events for fellowship or formation.


Jesus taught his disciples that we grow spiritually by loving God, our neighbors, and ourselves. Social events and classes are offered from time to time, on a variety of topics. Pick one that seems fun or interesting to you!

If you are already involved in one of these events, and feel ready to take the next step, we invite you to share your time and energy in one of our Ministries.


Family Pub Night



October 13

6:00 pm

Chili Cook-0ff

for the whole family!

Ladies Night Out



September 18

6:00 pm

Ladies Groups

St. Mary's Circle


1:00 pm

St. Margaret's Circle

Third Thursday of the month

1:00 pm

"Icons are in colors what the Scriptures are in words: witnesses to the Incarnation, the fact that God has come among us as a person whom we can see, touch and hear, to offer us the new life and begin the new creation." -Seventh Ecumenical Council, 787 CE

You are invited to come explore the history and spirituality of Christian iconography with Fr. Brian Coleman, Rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Battle Creek, Michigan. Participants will get to experience the process firsthand by "writing" their own icon over the course of this five-week workshop. No previous artistic experience is necessary.


Sessions are held on Friday afternoon (2-5pm) and Saturday morning (9am-noon) of the following dates:

  • Session I: September 22-23

  • Session II: September 29-30

  • Session III: October 6-7

  • Session IV: October 20-21 

  • Session V: October 27-28

The same class is being offered on Friday and Saturday of each session. If someone cannot attend Friday, they can attend Saturday. If someone wants to attend both times, they can, and use the extra time to work on their icon.

Cost is $120 for materials. 
Space is limited. Scholarships are available. Registration deadline is September 18.


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