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The St. Thomas Choir is an ensemble of professional and volunteer musicians who provide the primary musical leadership for the weekly liturgy and sing Choral Evensong on a rotational basis.  The choir’s musical repertoire is drawn from the rich heritage of the church, utilizing music from a variety of historical periods with emphasis on music for the Anglican choral tradition.  While the preparation of music for worship is its primary mission, the choir also places an emphasis on fellowship through music.  This ensemble is open to all interested adults with a music background and music reading skills.

The Treble Choir is for students 2nd grade and older (see information about the St. Thomas Choir School).  The Royal School of Church Music’s “Voice for Life “ curriculum provides a framework for choral singers to develop vocal skills, musical understanding, and knowledge of the repertoire.  This ensemble is open to all students regardless of previous music experience or faith background.

The Schola Cantorum  is an ensemble of six to eight professional singers who specialize in a cappella music from various periods throughout church history.  The ensemble’s primary performance responsibilities are for Choral Evensong on a rotational basis with the other choral ensembles.  Membership is by invitation of the Music Director.

The Choral Scholars  form the section leader core of the St. Thomas Choir.  As a professional quartet, they sing Choral Evensong on a rotational basis and focus on a cappella music from the early church.

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